Franck Ribéry’s lawyer explains situation regarding prostitution hearing

Speaking to RMC, Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribéry’s lawyer sought to explain the situation concerning his client’s supposed dealings in a brand new prostitution affair for which Ribéry gave evidence to the police last month.

I confirm that he was heard in a simple manner, as a witness, for specifics concerning situations regarding a case that he is not at all involved in. Mr Ribéry left totally free. He was heard for two and a half hours, he responded to questions and there was no problem, no difficulties… People are trying again today to bring accusations against him or to make people doubt his character.

You can be heard to explain yourself or to give information when you are a well known person and you might have had a relationship with one or another person. The police wanted to to know what relationship could have existed between Mr Ribéry and one or another person, who could have been caught in a case of this nature. The simple fact of knowing someone is not a crime.

Mr Ribéry is absolutely not linked to any affair involving escort girls. We will do everything necessary from tomorrow to take any legal action to contest and sanction these totally incorrect claims against his person. 


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