David Ginola’s FIFA Presidency campaign in state of confusion

Earlier today David Ginola’s campaign for FIFA Presidency appeared to come to a conclusion after the crowd funding page for the campaign was closed announcing all received donations will be returned to those who have pledged.

A message released by Team Ginola said that the fight to save football will go on:

“The fight is not over. Football still needs to change. I urge you to continue to vocalise your craving for change in football in whatever way you can.

The reasoning behind the closure is that the team have failed to make up the funds despite the contribution made by Paddy Power. In a press conference this month, Ginola admitted that he had yet to secure the backing of a single national association, despite pledges of support from five being required for him to formally enter the race. It was expected by many that the campaign was doomed to fail due to this lack of funding.

However, @teamginola have released this statement on Twitter:

“Not giving up, still in the race to reboot football! Will not give up…final nomination results might not be known before 8th February…

This indicates that this is not over and the team is still trying to push forward the campaign. A self-promotion exercise or more?

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