Hugo Lloris: “Who knows what will happen”

In an extensive interview with L’Équipe, France captain and Tottenham Hotspur’s goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has spoken about his future, France and Tottenham’s progress. Extensive highlights from the interview below.

On the season just gone:

“Our 5th place, ahead of Liverpool, shows that we were a bit young, a bit without experience in order to aim higher, but that the new manager knows what he is doing. It is a good result for a transitioning season, with a new way of working and a new style of play. Our inconsistency, even in the same matches, was difficult to deal with. It happened too often, individual mistakes, lapses in concentration. Those are signs of collective weakness. But the manager and his staff know where they are headed, and so it is the team itself that needs to step up a level. There are some players who had their first season at this level and they were remarkable. Take Harry Kane for example…”

On why Tottenham’s French players are not making the starting XI:

“In England, the squads are a lot more full. Of course, you end up making connections with other French players in the squad and it is not easy to see them suffer. A guy like Benji Stambouli, for example, has to succeed. He has the talent, his head on his shoulders, a workhorse. He has worked hard, it will pay off. He will come out the other end and have grown. I love these type of players who give everything for the team. He really is a good guy.”

On whether Tottenham was the right choice for Lloris:

“I have never thought that this was a bad decision. It was a natural choice, linked with the fact that I wanted to challenge myself. I got this chance in a good English club. Of course, yes, it is not a team that is challenging for the title at the moment, but a little later on perhaps, who knows what will happen?”

On rumours about a buy-out clause in his contract:

“I don’t even think about that. Honestly, it is a debate between one club and another club. Nobody tells me how much I am worth and I am not looking to find out. But we are at that time where things starting heating up for no reason, where figures are thrown about to test the market. That is part of the system. There is no clause. With the representatives, I have always liked to have direct exchanges. It is important to know the people, to feel the culture of the club, to understand how it works. When you have the privilege of talking directly with your President, as I have done with Daniel Levy, it makes a lot of things easier. After that, I know what we said, and it is a relationship of trust.”

On PSG rumours:

“You should never say never, but my ideas are clear in my head, they are the same that I have had for the last 16-17 years. Tomorrow, I don’t know, but today, I am in a different thought pattern. And then, it is only my personal opinion, but I think that people were very tough on Sirigu. I don’t know if it was to try to destabilise PSG at one point in the season but I think that he is doing good things at PSG and people forget about that. I will say it again, the club (PSG) is progressing, we feel as if the project is advancing, but today, the question is not asking itself.”

On his future:

“Who knows what will happen. There is one important thing: at one moment I have to think about myself, to ask myself questions and reflect, but as soon as this moment is over and the season starts, I will be thoroughly involved in the project of this club, the team.”

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