Ismael Bennacer: “Wenger told me I had the potential to succeed at Arsenal”

Speaking to L’Équipe, highly rated young French attacking midfielder Ismael Bennacer looks back on his decision to join Arsenal, a move he completed last week.

Bennacer had the following to say:

“I was a little worried in my head about going abroad. I have never left home before, I thought about staying in France in order to accumulate game time too… (Arsenal is) the most French of the English clubs.”

On Wenger: 

“He told me that he was happy for me, that he thought I had the potential to succeed here.”

On getting lost in a big club:

“That is what made me a little scared at the beginning, but when I saw the condition of the training centre, I realised that there isn’t a better place for me to progress. It is up to me to prove myself, they gave me a 5 year contract so they must have confidence in me.” 

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