Jean Michel Aulas confirms talks with Manchester City, but denies Lacazette rumours

Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas confirmed to BeIN Sports yesterday evening that he talks regularly with Manchester City representatives but that they have not asked about Alexandre Lacazette.

“I do not think that there will be any movements, unless there are departures. We are going to keep our confidence in this young group. Are we heading towards the departure of Alexandre Lacazette? No. Our aim is to become in the next five years a great European club with a big stadium that will belong to the club and an academy.”

“The idea is that this generation of players wants to stay. We need to play in Europe so that they can all play together. They are not asking to leave. There will be no departures this winter, nor will there be any next June. Manchester City interested in Alexandre Lacazette? We have not had any exchange. I speak to them about other topics, that are more general.”

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