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Jean Michel Aulas speaks about Lyon’s crisis

In an exclusive interview with Eurosport, Lyon President Jean Michel Aulas discussed his club’s current crisis and put pressure on manager Hubert Fournier.

We admittedly have a manager who lost three matches in a week and a team that is crumbling. To be frank, I was not supposed to go to Nantes but I cancelled my meetings so that I could be with my players. I had to show that I was there, to reassure them. I can not let it be thought that I practice a type of management without empathy. Otherwise I could lose players who could curl in on themselves. I spoke with them collectively and individually. Similarly, I will go to training on Friday to show them that the club is there with them…

…I am not putting pressure on anyone, I am just feeling the reality of the situation and I am listening to my players. When I see the way in which Beauvue left the pitch against Nantes and he did not shake the hand of his manager, that hurt me. Especially from a boy who has tripled his salary and who had been given the chance to play in the Champions League…

…For the moment, we are on the precipice being 3 points away from 2nd but also 3 points away from 10th. Everyone could be subjected to a decision that is not normal but could save the club. If things get worse, I will not remain a prisoner to my principles….

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