João Moutinho: “I was sad”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with L’Équipe, AS Monaco central midfielder João Moutinho admitted that he felt “sad” over the change in strategy that his club has made, going from signing established names to selling their best players and focusing on youth. Extracts:

The project has changed. It is no longer the one that I came for, but it is like that. In all the clubs that I have been in, there were always departures and that did not stop me from staying for three or four years. I don’t feel hard done by but I do feel sad. I want to play in a team that is playing to win all the competitions. And, in this project, that is more difficult.”

“There is a bit of frustration, certainly. In the league, PSG are favourites. In the cups too… Us, we have a good team, lots of qualities, but also lots of youngsters. Despite all that, Monaco still has a competitive team. The aim, is to finish minimum third and to win a Cup. Why not the Europa League.”

“My aim is to win at least once the Champions League. That is what I am working for. Here, it is very difficult. I have asked myself the question (about leaving), there were talks but nothing concrete. We will see what will happen at the end of the season. Today, there is no point talking about it. I am at Monaco, I am focused on my club. The team is young, and it needs to be aided. I accept that challenge.”

“The you keep your best players, it is better. Here we do the opposite.”

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