José Mourinho slams PSG for aggressive display

Chelsea manager José Mourinho slammed PSG’s aggressive approach to the 1st leg tie in a pre-match press conference ahead of the return match at Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

“I was surprised in that game. I was surprised. Because a team with fantastic players was the team with a record number of fouls, was the team making foul after foul, was the team which stopped Hazard with fouls all the time, was the team attacking the man in possession of the ball with two or three players with some very aggressive actions, a team where, even a player like Zlatan, a typical attacking player, came back when they lost the ball and attacked Hazard from behind when we were countering.”

“I thought an English team would never be surprised by aggression, because aggression we have in our country. This season we’ve played against sides from the Championship in the Cups, against teams from League 1, and Shrewsbury from League 2, but the most aggressive team was PSG. For me, that was a real surprise. With players of such quality, I was expecting more football and less aggression.”

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