Karim Benzema accepts “intermediary role” in the alleged blackmail of Mathieu Valbuena

According to the AFP, Karim Benzema accepted during his time in police custody that he acted as an intermediary between his friend Karim Zenati and Mathieu Valbuena during the process of the alleged blackmail of the latter individual regarding a sextape.

This is an important step because it changes the nature of what the court will have to prove when the Real Madrid man stands trial.

Benzema is being investigated on the charge of complicity in the act of blackmail. The prosecutor now must prove that Karim Zenati, who was not the primary alleged blackmailer of Mathieu Valbuena, was still involved directly in blackmailing the French international in order to prove that Benzema is guilty of being complicit in the act of blackmail.

Karim Benzema stated in custody that “he acted without a second thought”, according to the AFP.

The Associated French Press have also published a series of quotes allegedly from Benzema during his time in police custody:

“I am embarrassed concerning my friend Karim Zenati, because when he came out of prison and even when he was in there, I took care of him. We are really very close. I had to mediate and facilitate the relationship between Karim Zenati and Mathieu… I had a conversation with Zenati, on how to approach the subject with Mathieu Valbuena.”

When asked about Zenati’s question during the phone call about whether or not Valbuena “was going to give anything” Benzema replied to prosecutors: “My interpretation was that Mathieu had said he would not pay.”

“That Karim Zenati might benefit something from this was not my aim, I was not thinking about that. I am shocked, honestly, I am an idiot when I see all this… because Zenati is a serious person, with whom I place my trust in.”

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