Kevin Trapp “angry at himself” over mistake that led to loss vs Real Madrid

Speaking to the media zone following PSG’s 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid last night, German goalkeeper Kevin Trapp admitted that he was “angry with himself” for costing his side a result with a goalkeeping howler in the first half.

“We were the better team and we had many chances to score a goal. But at the end, we lose the match 1-0 and its terrible. Everybody us disappointed, of course, because you should win this game normally. We had the chances and to lose a match like this, it’s bizarre.”

“I think you have already seen (the goal)… I do not look very good, that’s clear. I did not see the Real Madrid player initially. When I saw him, it was too late. It is bad and we have lost our first game 1-0, in a match we would normally have won… We can not always speak when someone makes a mistake, that is a part of football. We had another 45 minutes to score a goal and we didn’t. We are disappointed by that.”

“Of course I am angry with myself… I always want to be 100%, I want to help the team, and there, I made a mistake, it is bad for me.”


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