Kingsley Coman: “I don’t regret leaving PSG.”

Speaking at a press conference at the French national team’s training base at Clairefontaine, Bayern Munich youngster Kingsley Coman was asked a number of questions.

On his inclusion in the national team squad: “I have a card to play. There will be a chance for me right up until the final squad is named.”

On Franck Ribèry: “He congratulated me. Otherwise, he himself has started to run and make touches with the ball again.”

On Bayern Munich: “The project at Bayern suited me better than the one at Juventus. But I did not know I would get into the Les Bleus squad this quickly.”

On his current form: “I am playing in big matches with big players. That helps!”

On PSG: “I do not regret having left PSG… I do not know if I was appreciated enough at PSG. I was looked upon like a youngster from the academy rather than a youngster from the first team squad.”

On his welcome to the national team: “I was very well received. I am singing this evening for my initiation. I have not yet chosen a song, I will let my heart sing… I come here with the intention to turn the tables, it is normal. I have no more pressure here than at my club.”

On Juventus: “I have nothing bad to say about them.”

On his character: “I am somebody who is calm, who observes a lot… My personal ambitions are very big but I cannot say them so as not to give you the wrong idea about me.”

On playing against Germany: “The players at Bayern said it would be good for me if I was called up to the national team [for the fixture against Germany]. After my selection, we did not talk about it.”

On Paul Pogba: “We were happy to see each other again. We had a lot to catch up on.”

On his approach to press conferences: “You are normal people… I try to dodge interviews so that my words are not twisted.”

On his braids: “They represent the colours of the Antilles: Red: the blood of slaves, Yellow: The sun, Green: the fauna, the forest.”


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