Laurent Blanc stands strong in BeIN Sports Le Club appearance

Laurent Blanc spoke on the futures of Cavani, Motta, Lavezzi, Rabiot and much more in his special guest appearance on BeIN Sport’s Le Club de Dimanche.

On today’s 4-2 victory: “This season we have never had a match this season where it hasn’t even nervy on the touchline. The only problem this year is that 30, 40% of our opponents when they have the ball, they create chances. Our leaders have been badly injured, I am not looking for excuses. We have had unfortunate injuries.”

On Karim Benzema: “Karim Benzema is currently the best French footballer in the world.”

On PSG’s current form: “We send them (the players) messages. The players understand them but they find it difficult to apply them. At a club like PSG, you need everybody to be competent. I’m pragmatic. I know the 2nd year is always harder than the 1st. I ask a lot of the players, especially to play. To defend is easier to force out than creativity.”

On Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “He is less at ease. But last year, he had the best season of his career. He is no longer 25. My relationship with Zlatan is excellent. He is not the most difficult player to manage in the dressing room.”

On rumours about a Sporting Director: “The rumour that I asked for a Sporting Director is a false rumour. When I arrived at PSG, there was a Sporting Director and Olivier Letang. Leo told me a month later I’m leaving & Olivier is taking both roles. At the moment no (we don’t need one). But there will of course be changes in the future.”

On Claude Makélélé: “Claude was the ideal bridge between the young and the old players, it was a plus point having him. I could not tell Claude not to go (to Bastia). Of course the relationship with the players would be better if he’s here. He wanted to go.”

On José Mourinho: “If all you needed to be a good manager is to communicate well with the press, some of us wouldn’t be here. He is very good at the PR game.”

On Cavani and Lavezzi’s nonappearance: “I took the decision to give a sanction. It was obvious. I was given the go ahead by President. He said whatever you decide to do (Cavani & Lavezzi) we’re behind you.”

On press conferences: “I don’t enjoy it, but in today’s football we cannot escape them. I would prefer to talk more about football and not rumours which are more often than not false.”

On possible departures: “It is not impossible. The situation is not simple, it is complicated even. But it will be very quiet. Our situation is complicated because of FFP. For an arrival, we must’ve a departure. For any departures, it’s difficult.”

On Cavani and Lavezzi leaving: “It will be very complicated (for either of them). Neither of them have asked to leave.”

On Thiago Motta: “He has not asked to leave”

On Adrien Rabiot: “I want him to stay at PSG, he is a young player. We had an exchange. I want to keep him.”

On the future: “During this window, it is a readjustment that you do. Or a potential reinforcement of your team. The player has to bring you something on the pitch and someone who can play Champions League. To make a team like ours better in this window, either you sign someone at the back or up top to score more goals. I don’t know if I will be PSG manager at the end of the season.”


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