Marseille release statement over Dimitri Payet

In an official press release, Marseille have announced that they have no intention of selling Dimitri Payet, despite agreeing a fee with West Ham.

They had the following to say:

“Marseille makes it clear that it absolutely does not have the intention of selling its player Dimitri Payet. At the beginning of the month of June, an agreement had been found with Dimitri and his agent. The two parties endorsed at this time that the attacking midfielder would honour the final two years of his contract. On the 22nd of June, Dimitri’s agent asked for another meeting with President Vincent Labrune. During this meeting, he announced that he and his player had opened negotiations with West Ham, explaining that the English club were offering a 6 year contract worth €30m over this period for the player. Due to this, the agent asked for a colossal and immediate contract extension so that Payet could stay at Marseille. Unable to agree to this demand, Marseille, through the voice of its President, first expressed his surprise that  negotiations with another club had been opened without Marseille’s agreement.”

“The club then pushed back the reckless demands of Dimitri Payet’s agent explaining that he had agreed to revise contract conditions of the player but only in mid-July, after Marseille had respected its commitments to the DNCG. The agent, who refuted these claims, asked Vincent Labrune for a quick answer affirming, that if they he didn’t, the English offer would be the one that Payet’s team looks favourably on. Surprised by this ultimatum, the Marseille President decided after half a day’s reflection to respond favourably to the English offer whilst reminding the player of his responsibilities. 1) Wait until mid-July for discussions with the President over a contract renewal or, 2) Take the golden deal from West Ham. Marseille obviously wants Dimitri to decide to stay at Marseille next season.” 

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