Mathieu Valbuena currently being heard by authorities over sextape-blackmail case

Lyon midfielder Mathieu Valbuena is currently being heard by investigators concerning the ongoing blackmail-sextape affair that has drawn in two other notable figures in football, Djibril Cissé and Karim Benzema.

Once Valbuena has finished giving his testimony, he will fly from Paris to Nice, where he is expected to play for Lyon in a Ligue 1 match this evening.

It is alleged that Mathieu Valbuena was blackmailed by a group of individuals who wanted 150,000 Euros in exchange for the only copy of a sextape that had been found on one of the OL man’s former mobile phones.

The player is expected to tell them everything that he knows, without any agenda necessarily to save Karim Benzema, who is being pursued for complicity in the act of blackmail.

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