Mathieu Valbuena’s father slams Karim Benzema

Speaking to our colleagues at RMC, Mathieu Valbuena’s father Carlos tackled Karim Benzema for his alleged involvement in the blackmail-sextape scandal of which his son was the victim.

Carlos Valbuena had the following to say about Karim Benzema:

“He can say what he likes… Mathieu is the one who has not been changing what he has been saying since the beginning, However he (Benzema) changes his opinion like he changes shirts. First he said he had seen the video, then he said he didn’t. He contradicts himself. It is his word against the judge’s… It is easy to say things afterwards, once the bad has been done… All of a sudden, it is the victim who will be guilty. It is easy to say that. But when you play with fire you burn yourself.”

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