Maxwell: “Champions League? It could be ours”

In an extensive interview with RMC, Brazilian left-back Maxwell spoke about the imminent end of his career and possible Champions League glory with PSG.

Are PSG stronger than last year?

There is always respect for the other players but I think that this year, we have a more competitive squad. We can approach all the competitions with conviction in each match. We have a complete squad, with lots of qualities.

Can you confirm that you are stopping football at the end of the season?

In Europe, yes, it is practically certain. We never know in football. In Europe, I am very happy with my career up until now. Aside from that, I think I could have an adventure in another continent. We will see. In Brazil? I don’t have the desire to return.

If PSG win the Champions League, could the make you want to stay a bit longer in Paris?

We will see. First we must know what the club wants. It is not always my decision, so we will see with the club and the other possibilities. I am happy with what I have done up until now. I am 34, so at one moment or another you have to think about stopping.

On Layvin Kurzawa…

I don’t see him as competition. These are players who are coming to bring us something positive and I try to help them, like I did with Lucas Digne, like I am trying to do with Layvin. I hope he will succeed. We are always in conversation. It is not at all easy to speak all the time but we are always exchanging opinions, it is important for the team.

Are PSG capable of winning against Real Madrid in the Champions League?

Capable, we are, for sure. But against a team like that, you have to be very solid defensively. We all know the attacking might of Real, with players who have statistics and qualities that are impressive. PSG will have to be very solid and play like a team. By playing like that, we always have the chance to win.

What do PSG want to achieve in the Champions League?

The aim, is to go further than last year, that is for sure. We have started the Champions League well, with two wins, but for us to make the situation more favourable, we need to get points against Real. For a while now we have had a lot of motivation, confidence. To go far in the Champions League, you have to give everything. It could be for us, like last season. It always depends on the moments and who you play in the two-legged ties. We will need luck, for the whole squad to be available. Unfortunately, last year, we had some problems which stopped us from playing our game against Barca. I think that this year, with the team that we have, we have more of a chance.

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