Michel Platini: “I am, in all humility, the most able to run world football.”

UEFA President and candidate for FIFA President Michel Platini gave an interview to The Telegraph in an attempt to save his reputation as he battles a reputation-damaging suspension from all FIFA duties.

“I am, in all humility, the most able to run world football… As far as I’m concerned, there is manifestly a disproportion between the facts that I am accused of and the extent of the provisional suspension I have been hit with. This suspension prevents me from campaigning and fighting on an equal footing. It clouds what is really at stake in this election for the future of world football…”

“Even if I cannot go out campaigning, I fully consider myself a candidate. Today, I have the sense of being a knight from the Middle Ages, in front of a castle. I am trying to get in to bring football back, but instead I’m having boiling oil poured on my head.”

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