Michel Platini: “This is extremely serious”

UEFA President Michel Platini has reacted to his suspension by the FIFA Ethics Committee this morning, in a statement.

“This is an extremely serious, this is essentially an attempt to damage my image. In recent weeks I have stressed my willingness to cooperate with the authorities, in compliance with the strictest rules of the procedure. I have always acted with honesty and courage because I feel that this is my moral duty. No one should ever have doubts about my determination to do my job.”

“A judiciary, independent and impartial body, should shed light on the events that led to the Ethics Committee of FIFA to open this investigation procedure. This morning I presented the letters of support needed in order to stand as a candidate for the president of FIFA and, as I always have done since 2007, I have already consulted the 54 UEFA member associations. I am sure that we will overcome this difficulty with full transparency. “

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