Mino Raiola reveals deal between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Emir of Qatar

Agentt Mino Raiola spoke to our colleagues at RMC this evening about the future of his client Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“For the moment things are calm, but now is not the time. There are 30 clubs who are interested in him because he is at the end of his contact in 2016. That does not mean that he will not stay at PSG. Does he want to continue? Today, he wants to be with PSG. He could extend his contract, anything can happen. He knows what the club wants, and what others want too. PSG are very happy to have Zlatan, that is the most important thing. He wants to play football. He is still at the top. For me Zlatan is the best attacker in the world. Better than Messi and Ronaldo. I don’t know a single player who is 1.97m who has the technique that Messi has or has the power that Ronaldo has. Zlatan is the most important player in the French league, even still today… Zlatan wants to win the Champions League, but it would take nothing away from his career if he didn’t win it…”

“He has an agreement with the Emir and Nasser, we know what we want to do. We are not pressed to make a decision. The criticisms? There were some injuries. He is mentally very strong in every way. He doesn’t talk to the French press? He does what he wants. There are unfair things in the press in France.”


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