Mino Raiola: “The French league without Zlatan is rubbish.”

Agent Mino Raiola hypothesised about a Ligue 1 without Zlatan Ibrahimovic in an interview with RMC.

He had the following to say:

“The French league with Zlatan is rubbish. PSG gave a present to French football with Zlatan. When Zlatan chose Paris, it was a difficult choice. Everyone speaks about Ronaldo and Messi today. But do not forget one thing: Zlatan put PSG on the football map, we know of the French league because of Zlatan… He has not come back to his level, he was always at the top. French people need to get used to top level players. With Zlatan, they have learnt what those are after three years. PSG without Zlatan is like Formula 1 without Ferrari. It is like champagne with bubbles.”


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