New alleged revelations suggesting that Karim Benzema is complicit in the act of blackmail of Mathieu Valbuena

Europe 1 have released new, exclusive revelations that suggest that Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema was indeed guilty of being complicit in the act of blackmail of French international team-mate Mathieu Valbuena.

The media outlet has obtained the transcript of a recorded conversation between Karim Benzema and his childhood friend who initially brought Benzema into the blackmail situation dated October 6th 2015.

The call lasted for 20 minutes and took place at 22:00 and during it Benzema explained to his childhood friend how his discussion with Mathieu Valbuena had gone just a few hours earlier.

At the heart of the “negotiations”, was of course a sextape of Mathieu Valbuena with an unnamed woman. The intimate was then used by three swindlers who tried to blackmail Valbuena, apparently using Karim Benzema as an intermediary.

Benzema is understood to have said the following: “If you want the video destroyed, then, my friend will come and see you in Lyon.”, in a part of the phone conversation when the Real Madrid man was recounting what he had told Valbuena.

Benzema then added: “I don’t think that he is taking us seriously,” explaining that Mathieu Valbuena first thought that the entire thing was an elaborate joke.

Karim Benzema then went on to explain to his French national team team-mate that the threat was indeed serious. “I told him: I’m here to help matters. You need to see this guy. He will come. He will speak to you. But I give you my word that there is not another copy (of the sextape).” 

Benzema followed that with: “I said to him: If you want the video to be destroyed, my friend, he will come and see you in Lyon, you can go directly to him.”

Benzema then explained how Valbuena asked some detailed questions about the sextape, including: “Can you see my tattoos?”

Benzema explained that he replied: “You see everything.” This is particularly damning, as it suggests Karim Benzema has seen the sextape himself.

Benzema goes on to confirm as much: “I told him: the video, I saw it a week ago, before we came here.”

Benzema then explains how Mathieu Valbuena began to “panic” and that he “gulped twice or three times”. Benzema then proceeded to draw himself away from proceedings by telling his friend that he told Valbuena: “I said: anyway you do as you like… if you do not want it, well it’s your life, but I warned you.”

Benzema then told his friend: “If he [Valbuena] does not want it, well then leave him, he will land in hot water with these bunch of piranhas.”

Benzema’s conversation with Valbuena appears to have finished as follows, going on what he recounts to his childhood friend: “Me, my aim, it ends here. My friend, he takes over, it is he who knows the person who has your video, me, I don’t know them. Now you two sort this out, write down your number, I will give to him and you see him.”

Benzema finished off his conversation with his friend, during which they were it must be noted laughing throughout, in the following manner: “We. in any case, are here to fix it, if he doesn’t want it, well then leave him, he will land in hot water with these bunch of piranhas… Later, maybe they will ask him for, I don’t know what, two football match tickets or whatever.”

Benzema said the following because throughout the process it was never clear what the blackmailers were exactly after.

This transcript, if verified, makes a compelling case for Karim Benzema being guilty of being complicit in the act of extortion.

Karim Benzema’s lawyer has announced that he will be seeking action against Europe 1 for violating the confidentiality of the investigation, and that he will file an official complaint to that effect.

In the meantime, Mathieu Valbuena’s lawyer, Didier Domat, has shed light on his client’s position concerning Karim Benzema’s involvement speaking to the JDD:

“Mathieu wants neither to accuse nor to exonerate Benzema. He just wants to know what exactly happened.”

According to RTL, Mathieu Valbuena has been given the status of a “civil party” concerning this case, meaning that he now has a role to participate by “supporting the prosecution”. The significance behind this is that Valbuena will now have the ability to see all the evidence amassed during by the investigators so far.

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