Nice President: We will fight to the end for Ben Arfa

OGC Nice’s President Jean-Pierre Rivere has said that the club will ‘fight until the end’ to sign French winger Hatem Ben Arfa. The much-publicised transfer has been held up after FIFA ruled that Ben Arfa had played an official match for Newcastle earlier this season, as well as Hull City, meaning a move to Nice would be breaking FIFA regulations.

The move has yet to be authorised by the LFP, which has strongly angered Rivere. He was quoted as saying: ‘I say that their attitude is disrespectful to football, football clubs and the football player. We have bodies that are there to make decisions. It is necessary that at some point, they take them.’

‘Unfortunately, in our case, the decision will be made so late that, should it be negative, it will be painful for everybody. And frankly, I hope it is not negative because if it is, I assure you we will fight to the end!’

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