Nicolas Anelka accuses Gerard Houllier of racism

In a video that the former French international striker released on YouTube yesterday evening, Nicolas Anelka accused former Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier of racism.

Nicolas Anelka’s video was in response to certain remarks that Gerard Houllier had made about the player in a recent book that he had released.

Anelka went on to claim in this video that none of the accusations made by Houllier in his book, which included a claim that Anelka did not sign for Liverpool because he had too many “brothers” trying to profit from a deal, were true.

Anelka then proceeded to attack Houllier, claiming that the former Liverpool manager refused to give players with black skin wage rises and that, Houllier had once said to a certain individual that Anelka does not name:

“You black people when we give you money, you do f**k all.”

Houllier has responded to these accusations in L’Équipe this morning:

“It is absolutely laughable and ridiculous, I have never, ever, said that. It is false and again false, I contest this formally, it is serious slander. I dare anyone to say that I’m a racist with the number of black players with whom I have had the chance to work. Abidal, Diarra, Essien and many others, you ask them. I will see if I take legal action or not.”

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