Paris Metro racism victim will fight on

‘There you go’ Souleymane says as he watches the video of himself being pushed off a train in his native Paris by Chelsea fans.

‘I’m going to complain about Chelsea, and also about PSG, because it was the two clubs that caused that to be there. So Paris Saint Germain have themselves something to say to me.’

Chelsea boss José Mourinho said yesterday that he and the club were ‘ashamed and we want to apologise to the gentleman.

‘Even if he doesn’t like football, put him in the directors box, people will give him a reaction and he will realise Chelsea is completely the opposite of what happened’

The Franco-Mauritanian however refused, and told Le Parisien that ‘I haven’t the mind to find myself in a stadium at the moment’

Chelsea have issued bans to three fans already about the incident, and have threatened to ban anymore who are subsequently charged.

Now Scotland Yard are launching a fresh investigation in the wake of the Souleymane affair, in which Chelsea fans are believed to have been once again chanting racist songs departing their Eurostar train at London St. Pancras station the day after the game.

Chelsea’s embarrassing week was capped off on-the-field with a 1-1 draw at home to relegation battling Burnley.


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