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Patrice Evra: “Manchester United did not want me to leave”

Speaking to RMC, Juventus left-back Patrice Evra discussed his departure from Manchester United, his current form for Juve and what the future holds.

On his departure from Manchester United…

It was a family decision. It is difficult to talk about it right now. It was wrenching, but I made the decision for my family. I do not want to talk about the details. Manchester did not want me to leave, but even before the end of the league, I explained to them that I had to leave. It was a good decision, but not one that I initially wanted to make.

On Juventus’ current form…

People are used to seeing us win. The club has bought new players. We lost three great players and big personalities. There is enormous pressure here. The club has bought good players but who were not playing in big clubs. We need to give them time. But I am not worried. Pirlo, Tevez and Vidal, I miss them, but that is not a problem. The new players must adapt in training.

On his future…

I am not a magician. I do not know what is going to happen in the future. In life, we never know. If it is to happen (coming back to France), taking the money and bringing nothing to the team would be pointless. I want to continue as long as my body is telling me to.

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