PSG begin summer pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo

PSG have entered into talks with Jorge Mendes for the transfer of Real Madrid’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

On the 6th August 2015 in a luxury hotel in Paris, PSG President Nasser Al Khelaifi and Jorge Mendes were celebrating the completion of the Angel di Maria.

According to RMC, Mendes told Al Khelaifi: “Now, there is just one. One big deal left for PSG to do.”

That deal is that of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is not only a player that Al Khelaifi dreams of bringing in, but the club’s owner and Emir of Qatar Cheick Al Thani, also dreams of the best player in the world donning a PSG shirt. The Emir has made this clear to Al Khelaifi a number of times.

PSG already tried to sign the player in 2013, but were blocked by FFP. Today, the situation has changed. FFP is weakened, PSG are no longer worried by it and they have a blossoming relationship with one of the biggest agents in world football, Jorge Mendes.

According to a source at the capital club, Mendes has become very close to PSG:

“He has become a trusted advisor for PSG, he tried to transfer William Carvalho and Fabio Coentrao to the club this summer. He loves the club and how it functions. He has entered in the Parisian sphere and is doing everything he can to become the agent of choice at the club.”

Mendes’ relationship with PSG has flourished in the last twelve months because of the relationships he has been able to forge with President Nasser Al Khelaifi, who he goes to visit on occasion in Doha at Qatari Sports Investment HQ and also PSG Sporting Director Olivier Létang.

Létang and Mendes thrashed out the Angel di Maria together this summer, as a source close to Mendes points out:

“Jorge loves working with PSG now. The duo of Nasser and Létang work very well. The decisions are made quickly, the exchanges are direct, notably on Cristiano.”

The Ronaldo deal “is no longer a dream, but a possibility” according to a source at QSI.

PSG have already started negotiations, notably with Jorge Mendes. PSG want, even need a worldwide star to replace the very likely to depart Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

A source at PSG had this to say on the situation: “To replace Ibrahimovic, we will need someone great, someone even stronger in terms of football but also in terms of image and for that, there are only two names: Ronaldo or Messi.”

PSG have spoken to Mendes about the possibility of a move for Cristiano and have even discussed broad-brush numbers. Real Madrid won’t talk a transfer for anything less than €80m. Mendes has said that the minimum contract that Ronaldo will accept is a 4 year deal worth €20m a year net.

A member of the Ronaldo’s team had the following to say on the matter:

“It is simple, Cristiano needs to be number 1, the star of the club, with all eyes focused on him. At Paris, it would be a new challenge to show that he can succeed in another country. The project must be centred around him.”

Football factors are also important to take into account. The working relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani would likely be better than the one that the Uruguayan endured and continues to endure with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Cavani would be able to assure his place as the central striker and Ronaldo would occupy the left wing, which would make both individuals happy.

The PSG dressing room would of course appreciate the arrival of Ronaldo. In a recent interview with AS, PSG captain Thiago Silva had the following to say about the Portuguese multiple-time Ballon D’Or winner:

“It is normal that they (Real Madrid fans) should be worried. I would be too. I do not know how long Cristiano has been at Madrid. 7 years? That is quite a while. That is a long time for a foreigner. If he wants to follow the trajectory of winning and being dominant… Who knows if Cristiano will help us win the Champions League next season…”

Finally, Ronaldo was recently reportedly happily surprised to see the ovation he received from French football fans when he was recently in Paris in an international friendly against France. He was also surprised by the considerable Portuguese community present at the game, according to RMC.

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