Riyad Mahrez: “It would be stupid to leave in January, especially as we are in first position!”

In an exclusive interview with Téléfoot, Leicester City’s attacker Riyad Mahrez spoke about his future and much more. Extracts.

“I need to dribble, I need to make the difference.”

Are Leicester going to win the league?

I don’t think so.

On why the fact that no Ligue 1 clubs were interested in him…

When I was playing in Ligue 2, my dream, I mean not my dream but my aim was to play in Ligue 1. Really playing in Ligue 1. I knew that I was a player who could score goals but maybe I was not ready. I maybe did not have the necessary stats for them to come and take me. When I look at my route now, I say to myself it is here, here is football. For nothing in the world would I come back to France.

On the Marseille President Labrune snub email saga…

I saw the email at the same time as everyone else did and then I called my agent and asked him if it was all true and he said to me: “yes, I spoke with them and everything, he said that but I had no need to tell you.” So there it was. In terms of reaction, I don’t pay attention to things like this.

There are those that like you and those that don’t like you… Marseille was the club of my heart, that is true, when I was young. I know that before that if I went to Marseille, I think I would have done well.

On scoring more goals than Kane, Giroud, Rooney this season…

They are going to catch up with me. When you start scoring goals, you get hungry and you want to score more.

On the January transfer window…

I do not think that I am going to leave because I feel very good here. Of course it is sure that there are noises. It is good to have clubs that are interested in you but I feel very good at Leicester and it would be stupid to leave in January, especially because we are in first position.



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