Samuel Umtiti casts considerable uncertainty on Alexandre Lacazette’s future

In today’s press conference, Lyon defender Samuel Umtiti cast considerable uncertainty on the future of his teammate and star striker Alexandre Lacazette.

He had the following to say:

“If Alex was to leave I would be disappointed. But, it is his career and not mine. It is up to him to make good choices. If it is him or others… I won’t say everything either. We speak about quite a lot of things yes. But it is his career too. I don’t think he tells me everything… It is up to him to make his own decisions. If he wants some advice, then why not. I think that he is big enough to take his own decisions. Each player has their own career. His career, he must make his decisional. And not take decisions with regards to whether his mates are staying at the club or not.”

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