SC Bastia’s project now underway for 2015/16

Our local reporter André Carli examines SC Bastia’s situation in the transfer window following the u-turn made by French football financial watchdog the DNCG to grant the Corsican club access to be part of Ligue 1 again in 2015/16.

Last Friday, the DNCG lifted a veil of doubt: Sporting Club de Bastia will play in Ligue 1 during the  2015 / 2016 campaign. SC Bastia representatives took the opportunity on Monday morning to hold a press conference to update the press on the hot topics of the moment. The financials first: a budget of €25M was submitted to the French Football Financial policeman who nevertheless decided to regulate that by 10%. Whilst the first decision of the DNCG was very severe, the transfer of Ryad Boudebouz to Montpellier, which was officially concluded on July 6th, has removed the obstacle that the DNCG wanted to relegated SCB for in the first place.

On the football side of things, the president of SCB has listed the requirements to strengthen the squad: a goalkeeper (in this respect, the Serb Bahriman is being trialled since Monday afternoon), 2 midfielders and a striker are expected soon. As for the specifics, Guillaume Gillet is still expected in midfield. Having rejected all the offers he received previously, he has always given his priority to Bastia. But they will now have to act quickly: his current club is impatient and would like to complete a transfer as soon as possible as SC Bastia are still trying to find the appropriate financial package to provide Gillet with a salary (given the 10% restriction placed on the pay-roll, it will probably be less than €80,000 / month). Negotiations continue around a three-year contract for a fee purchase of around €500,000.

Up front, several names have been branded about, but at present, not a single one has really become concrete. It must be said that in this sector, the club can take its time. Brandao is still under contract with the club, and has been rather sharp during pre-season training (“often among the first doing the individual exercises,” Pierre Marie Geronimi indicated). His financial dispute with the club is also about to be settled, even if one will have to monitor the upcoming meeting with the Legal Affairs Committee of the LFP scheduled for September…

As for departures, at present, only Julian Palmieri is free to leave. This does not mean that necessarily leave, but that he has the option to. If the club and the player get a nice offer, his departure will be validated, with his contract expiring in 2016. The player can also choose to honour the rest of his contract to start negotiating with his future club as early as next January… Romaric has meanwhile left the club after his contract expired last June.

A few weeks before the official start of the championship against Rennes, at the Furiani August 8, the transfer window officially starts at Sporting.

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