Thierry Henry: “Another life is starting for me”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with BeIN Sports’s Sonny Anderson, Thierry Henry looked back on his career.

Thierry Henry: “Another life is starting for me.”

On Juventus: “When I left (Monaco), we were World Cup winners. I said why not, they’re a big club. Zizou, Dede were there. When I arrived, they had lots of problems. The doping scandal etc. When Ancelotti arrived, I played. I left because I didn’t think what was going was right. It was I who asked to leave.”

On Arsenal: “I was playing a game against Udinese to decide who would get EURO Cup. We played, I took the plane home. On the plane, I was sitting next to Arsène. Life is strange like that. What he told me, convinced me. I said to Arsène, I don’t want to stay at Juve and he said the one club I wanted to join, would like to is Arsenal. The rest is history.”

On scoring goals: “I was not born a goalscorer. I started in the professional game on the left or the right. I am more proud of my passes, I know goals are important and always be. It isn’t fake modesty. You could see it, when I scored, I wouldn’t celebrate much. I was more happy with an assist.”

On Barcelona: “You need to know that the team that was invincible had all left. I was 29, I didn’t think about leaving Arsenal. I was thinking with my level I only have 4/5 years left at top European level. At the time I didn’t know if Arsène was staying. It wasn’t easy. When I left Arsenal I cried. I didn’t want to leave, but my competitive edge meant that I had to leave. To enter into the history of Barcelona is difficult, but we did it as a team. We won all 6 cups.”

On the Champions League win in Rome: “I knew it was my last. I wasn’t supposed to play in the final. I had been injured before. I had 2 days training.”

On the MLS: “I always wanted to go to the US. Since I was very little. I never ran away, I always wanted to play in the MLS. It was the right moment. I could have played in Europe, but I needed to cut the ties. I tell you what it is not an easy league at all (the MLS). If for 5 minutes you’re not at your level people say……that’s not the guy from Europe. It was a real challenge for me. It was great living in New York.”

On his Arsenal return: “Whenever it was winter break in the MLS, I came back to train with them. The fitness trainers they were like, you’re in good condition Thierry! And then one day, the boss said, “Thierry, do you want to come back?” I would have always said yes, but I wanted to know what for. To help the youngsters, to play?”

On goal vs Leeds: “I have never had a chance to score a goal as a fan. With the history I had here, I came back as a fan. I have never exploded (in celebration) like that. I have never had a reaction like that.”

On France: “A great moment, I started with the best (team) and finished with the worst (team) I think. People forget that after the world cup I was sent back to the France U21s. I wasn’t happy, but I did it. At the start, if anyone had told me that I was going to play for France, that would have been enough.”

On what football means to him: “Football has given so much to me, I want to give back. Even if it is a kid in the park who needs advice. Anywhere. Sometimes people think of football and think only of Champions League, World Cup. There is so much more to football.”

Moussa Sissoko on Thierry Henry: “I have had the chance to speak with him after certain games. He gives me advice, he is someone I like. His advice will only help me improve.”


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