UEFA considering other options despite giving Michel Platini a month to clear his name

Members of UEFA will decide next week whether or not to back another candidate from Europe for the FIFA Presidency, despite deciding yesterday after discussing Michel Platini’s situation that he had the “right to a due process and fair trail and the opportunity to clear his name”.

Gianni Infantino, UEFA’s General Secretary, confirmed in a press conference that the European football body planned to give Platini a short, swift period of time (4 weeks) to clear his name concerning allegations of a questionable payment from Sepp Blatter which is believed to have been made in 2011. Platini was suspended last week by the FIFA Ethics Committee for 90 days, pending an investigation into his activities along with Sepp Blatter.

Michel Platini remains a candidate for FIFA President with the election due to be held In February 2016, but the ban might prevent the Frenchman from passing the integrity test which is a part of the election process.

According to sources contacted by Reuters, UEFA will consider whether or not to back another candidate:

“We agreed to support Platini and to the statement issued by UEFA, but we will decide next week on whether to back a European candidate in the election.”

Platini has in the meantime appealed his suspension.

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