Underfire ESTAC Troyes boss Jean-Marc Furlan confirmed for 18 months

ESTAC Troyes President Daniel Masoni has taken an unprecedented measure in an official press release this evening. Troyes sit bottom of the Ligue 1 table, by far the worst side in the French top flight this season, and their manager Jean Marc Furlan had been taking increasing pressure from the media regarding his position at the head of the club.

However President Masoni has backed Furlan for the next 18 months in a surprising move:

“In a difficult period for the ESTAC family, President Daniel Mason confirms his total confidence in all the players and the manager Jean Marc Furlan… The two men met the day after PSG vs Troyes to discuss the future of the ESTAC, with Jean Marc Furlan for the next 18 months… [this should] put an end to all speculation.”


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