Yann M’Vila buys axe to protect himself… from his own club’s staff

French defensive midfielder Yann M’Vila ransacked the house he was renting in Moscow before taking refuge at his friend’s house William Vainqueur, amid an ongoing conflict with Dynamo Moscow.

According to the Russian news website LIFEnews, who quoted the owner of the house and a maid, footballer ransacked the house he was renting in the suburbs of the Russian capital before leaving the scene.

The property owner contacted the police, before accusing the Frenchman for property damage and non-payment of rent.

According to Yann M’Vila’s agent, who was quoted by the website, the player took refuge at the house of Dynamo Moscow teammate and midfielder William Vainqueur, whose house was located a few kilometers away.

According to LIFEnews, the incident was linked to a dispute with the Moscow club, with which the French footballer was supposed to sign a contract, but without that having yet happened.

M’Vila has also been forced to pay large sums of money by Dynamo Moscow, who practice a “system of fines” that players pay for each apparent misconduct, which goes directly to the head of security of the club, Pavel Konovalov.

The French translator of the club, Igor Tsarouche, recently accused Mr. Konovalov of having beaten foreign players up, if they didn’t pay up. According to him, Yann M’Vila had got himself an axe for protection.

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