Yaya Touré: “PSG is a great club”

Speaking to our colleagues at Foot Mercato, Manchester City central midfielder Yaya Touré explained where he believes his future lies this summer.

He had the following to say:

“Since I started playing football, I had a dream as a little boy. Today, I am living the dream of thousands of little boys. I represent my continent, Africa, and that has no price. No amount of wages will make me stay at a club if I feel that I no longer belong there or if no challenge exists for me. It would be unjust on my part. There comes a moment where numbers don’t stop us, it goes beyond that, even if the English press seem more interested in the numbers than the sport itself. For the future, I don’t know more than you do, because I will always go where I am offered new challenges. That is in my nature.”

“When things are not necessarily going well in a club, the key players take the fall. I am not the only one to have been attacked even if there is tendency to be harsher with me… Football is my passion, my job and that gives me two good reasons to do as well as I can. I accept criticism if it helps me to improve and I ignore them when their aim is simply to break me.

“When I arrived at City, Pellegrini was not the coach. Just like the players, managers arrive and leave. As I have said before, I owe it to the City fans to fight just until the end of my career at this club, just as much as I owe it to myself and my continent. My decisions will not be affected by changes in management, but more by the challenges that will be offered to me.”

“Mancini is a mentor for me, he is a special coach. It is no secret that I loved the time when he was boss here, like I love playing for City today. But as I said earlier, I have arrived at the point where I am more interested in the sporting challenge a club has to offer me than anything else.”

“In the past I have given my opinion on PSG, which went on to inspire a lot of your journalist colleagues… PSG is a great club who, I think, is not finished growing and also a big club where any great player can find a place for themselves and make a contribution.”

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