Yohan Cabaye: “Certain players didn’t want me to join PSG”

In an interview with Canal Football Club, former PSG man and current Crystal Palace midfielder Yohan Cabaye looked back on his time with the Ligue 1 Champions.

He had the following to say:

“I left Paris in order to play. Having said that, being able to play all the matches will not assure my a place in the 23 man squad for the Euros. I hope to be there and we all know how the last competition that was played in France ended. I spoke a little bit with Deschamps in our last get together. What came from him was that I needed to play.”

“In terms of the big clubs, not one showed an interest. It was not a default choice, far from it. I get to be with my former manager and I am not starting out here in the unknown and for me that is important. I feel very good and I am very happy.”

“I want to keep positives (from his time at PSG), like last season and the four national titles. What was I missing? I don’t know. Maybe a type of insouciance in my game. I am not asking myself too many questions about it. I do not want to hide behind my injuries or my excuses but, yes, I would have liked more Yohan in my game. There was not enough, at times, for me, I was too blocked. It is hard when you know that you are in a team where you will want to try things, and, in the end, when you try them, sometimes you are successful and sometimes you are not. If you are not successful, you are subbed off. You try things you have two or three nasty looks when you lose the ball… Who? No, in general. When I arrived, there were certain players who did not want me to join.”

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