6 OGC Nice players breach LFP betting regulations

According to L’Équipe, 16 Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 players who bet on football matches between 1st June and 31st December 2015, despite the fact that it is banned under LFP betting regulations, were put in front of the league’s disciplinary commission.

Among the individuals in question were 6 players who were at OGC Nice during the 2015/16 season: Valère Germain, Jérémy Pied, Albert Rafetraniaina, Kevin Gomis, Olivier Boscagli and Alexandre Mendy.

Bordeaux’s Cédric Carrasso and Thomas Touré were also summoned, as well Ligue 2 players.

Coaches from Nice, Reims, Toulouse, Auxerre and Caen are also involved and all of the above are facing a number of matches suspended at the start of next season.

We will know their fate in the coming hours…

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