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Adrien Rabiot leaves door open for summer exit

Speaking to Le Parisien, PSG central midfielder Adrien Rabiot discussed his recent January transfer window, EURO 2016 and Serge Aurier.

On his infamous outburst ahead of the recent January window:

I asked the president to be loaned out if my playing time was to diminish from then [around December] and January. It was not a threat nor was it blackmail on my part. When you have a passion, as is my case and when you have the potential that goes with it, all you want to do is live fully, that is it.

On his chances of being at EURO 2016:

I knew that I would not be part of it (Deschamps’s latest squad). I saw that N’Golo Kanté was picked, and it seemed to me that it would be difficult for the manager to change two central midfielders. And as I have not received any sign from either Deschamps or his staff… I know how it works, I am not under any illusions.

On winning the Champions League with PSG:

We want to go all the way to the final. We have the ability, we just need to prepare in the best possible conditions.

On Serge Aurier & Periscope-Gate:

We need Serge. He brings a fire and a determination that pushes the others to go further. He is an important player for PSG. We can all make mistakes, even if for him, it is the second time that something like this happens. But if the club forgives him and the coach decides to play him again, this affair will soon be forgotten.

On wanting to be like Steven Gerrard:

I did not say that I necessarily wanted to have the same career as him. Aside from that, it would not make much sense for me to say that I will still be at PSG in three or five years. Maybe that will be the case, but it depends on so many things: on what the club wants, on whether or not I install myself in this team.

On his future:

I am living life in the present. I did not say anything against PSG or any individual in particular. I look at my life like this in everyday. I take things as they come, maybe because I know that everything is fragile. So I do not think too far ahead.


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