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After Paul Pogba, Mino Raiola will turn his attention to Blaise Matuidi

After Paul Pogba’s move is complete to Manchester United, super agent Mino Raiola will turn his attentions to PSG central midfielder Blaise Matuidi.

Matuidi had previously been touted as a possible substitute target for Manchester United, should their pursuit of Paul Pogba fail. That remains a small possibility.

However, claims in the French media that PSG no longer want the player, specifically that Unai Emery has no more interest in using the French international, are far-fetched as confirmed by our colleague Romain Molina.

Mino Raiola is set to use the media further following the Paul Pogba move to take Blaise Matuidi to the Premier League.

Raiola is aware that this is the optimum moment for him to cash in on Matuidi, with a new dynasty starting at PSG and with the French international reaching an age (29) where he will soon become undesirable for Premier League clubs.

Unai Emery has not ever said internally or otherwise that he does not want to use Blaise Matuidi at PSG next season, contrary to reports.

That is not going to stop Raiola looking to move the player to the Premier League in August. Blaise Matuidi has not hid his desire to eventually play in England’s top flight, but he is not in an unfavourable position at PSG at the moment, like his agent might try to make you believe in the coming weeks…

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