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André Pierre Gignac: “I will get on the plane with a smile.”

Speaking to reporters following France’s 4-2 victory over Russia last night, Tigres striker André Pierre Gignac discussed his chances of being in the 23 man squad for EURO 2016 this summer.

On the squad:

We have a group. It is true that we feel good together, that we laugh together. On the pitch, the last two matches went well too, even if we had a little hiccup in terms of goals conceded. I do not know if that was due to being too relaxed or losing focus. In any case, we were 2-0 up in both matches. They (the Russians) came back to 2-1, on a set piece. So certainly that is one thing that we need to fix and I do not think that the coach will be laughing about that. But I will get on the plane with a smile because it was 10 days with 2 victories so certainly it is satisfying.

On making the EURO 2016 squad:

Me, I am dealing with this situation calmly, I am 10,000 kilometres away, under the sun. But I will be attentive, certainly. But be careful, being part of the squad in the last two gatherings does not mean anything. I need to continue to score with my club, Tigres. I need to continue to perform and to be decisive in order to have a chance to be called up.

On the passion that he displayed after scoring last night:

It is customary that I celebrate like that admittedly. It is always a unique emotion with this shirt and with these fans. But the most important for me are my friends. When I score, I am happy to go an see them, to celebrate with because I am like that. My mentality is like that. So I am very happy to have been able to celebrate this goal with my friends (other squad members).


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