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Antoine Conte arrested for beating up a 19 year old man, who is between life & death

Former French youth international and Stade de Reims defender Antoine Conte was arrested last night after beating up a 19 year old with a baseball bat as the latter attempted to intervene in a very heated argument between Antoine Conte and his wife, according to Europe 1.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon in Conte’s house after an argument between the footballer and his girlfriend became heated and he began to hit her. She attempted to run, escaping from the house and screaming for help in the street.

A 19-year-old boy who was passing by then attempted to separate them. The footballer forcibly returned his wife home to look for a baseball bat before coming out to attack the young passer-by.

The latter, aged 19, was hit in the legs and arms and injured his head as he fell. On Thursday evening he was between life and death, suffering from a brain trauma and a brain hemorrhage.

A member of Conté’s entourage had the following to say to Europe 1:

“He has no excuse. To take things out on his partner and this young man, it is a stupid thing to do.”

His entourage struggled to explain the incident: “[he has always been] irreproachable in life like on the pitch.”

Ligue 2 side Stade de Reims confirmed that they were shocked by the incident and a press conference will occur at 14:00 local time this afternoon. Conte risks being fired by Reims for his actions.

He remains in police custody this morning.


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