Best Mobile Betting Apps for Football Fans

Football betting has come a long way from back rooms and phone calls to book-makers, thanks first to the Internet and now to mobile betting apps. This technology has opened up thousands of opportunities for football fans to place bets from anywhere in the world, even when they live far away from the nearest sportsbook in a casino. The best mobile apps to use for football betting allow users to check scores, check odds on a team, update their account balances, and place bets on upcoming matches.

Some of the best betting apps are freely available on the Android market, where users have the biggest selection. Developers of these Android apps don’t need to get approval before posting them in the marketplace. The case isn’t the same with Apple iPhone betting apps, so tend to be fewer of those available. The iPhone/iPad App Store has only recently relaxed some of its rules about sports betting apps. The use of mobile betting apps allow easy access to a variety of online sportsbook accounts, and each bet placed from the app is still binding. A small number of mobile sportsbook apps are also available for the Windows Phone, Blackberry, and a few brands of tablets.

A mobile app for football betting is ideally a scaled-down version of a desktop sports betting website. The best apps are quick and simple to use, with easy access to available matches to bet on and the odds for each team to win a given match. All users need is a charged smartphone and wireless or data network Internet access. Downloading a football betting app from the Android marketplace is a quick and simple process, since these apps include bar codes for download via scanning. Before downloading any mobile betting app, users are advised to double check that it uses a secure, encrypted connection to complete all transactions.

Mobile football betting apps create a lot of convenience for fans who want to follow the matches and place bets while they’re away from their desktop or laptop computers. Sometimes an exciting match is going on, and some fans may have forgotten to place a bet before joining their friends to watch it at the local pub. A mobile betting app solves the problem and allows wagering from anywhere. For added security, it’s a good idea to place bets or make any other financial transactions from a secure wireless connection that requires a password to join that network.

Many sportsbook websites lean towards making their mobile apps available in the Android mobile marketplace due to fewer rules and restrictions, along with easy accessibility for download from anywhere. Football fans who own iPhones don’t need to completely despair because more sports betting sites are becoming able to make their apps available for both. Placing bets from one of these apps can be even faster than making a phone call, in most cases. If an app for a certain sportsbook site isn’t yet available, the odds are good that it will be in the near future.

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