Chelsea maintain contacts for Paul Pogba

Premier League side Chelsea are in constant contact with Paul Pogba’s entourage about a possible summer transfer move, as recently as last week, GFFN has learnt.

The French international has recently maintained his desire to remain at Juventus publicly, but privately the midfielder seems to admit that he is ready for a new challenge, should that present itself.

Antonio Conte has informed Chelsea that an attempt to sign Pogba is one of his absolute priorities. The word “attempt” is appropriate because of the undoubtedly enormous transfer fee that Juventus are going to demand, in excess of €100m.

As for the rest of Europe, Zinedine Zidane’s recent appointment at the head of Real Madrid makes a possible Pogba move more of a priority for Los Blancos, but RMCF bosses appear to have yet to make any meaningful moves vis-à-vis the situation, at least for this transfer window.

The typically prickly relationship between Raiola and Mendes also makes a Real Madrid move that little bit harder, but by no means impossible.

As for Barcelona, since the re-appointment of Josep Maria Bartomeu, Pogba has not been viewed as a priority by the majority of decision-makers at FCB, who are focused on boosting their defence during this forthcoming window.

Should Juventus be able to pull off deals for Javier Mascherano and Dani Alves, it becomes easier to justify a sale of Paul Pogba during this transfer window to the fans.

Chelsea are at the table, who will join them and will we have to wait until after EURO 2016 before that question can really be answered?

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