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Claudio Beauvue hits out at Alexandre Lacazette & Lyon

Speaking to J + 1, Celta Vigo attacker Claudio Beauvue hit out at his former club Lyon.

Beauvue had the following to say:

“When you do not feel welcome, it is difficult. I am someone who is very frank, direct, so I did not appreciate it and it was really in terms of on the pitch when it was the most frustrating. I always tried to sort things out, but it was a lost cause, I could not take it anymore and I let them know. I am not here to be a cry baby, but on the pitch I struggled to get along with certain individuals.”

“With Lacazette, I struggled to get on with him on the pitch and off of it. I do not want to go through it all, it is quite simply all too complicated. I wast still able to score some goals, play in the Champions League…”

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