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Dante on Mario Balotelli: “He is much less crazy than I thought.”

Speaking in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, Brazilian defender Dante spoke at length about OGC Nice teammate Mario Balotelli.

“Of the attackers that I have come up against here, I thought Gomis was very good, Lacazette and Germain are intelligent. But Balotelli is amazing. He has everything. As I say to him often, he impresses me when he is concentrated, when he is not arguing with officials or the defenders that he is facing. In training, he makes me suffer enormously but I cannot let myself be nasty with him (in terms of challenges): the entire club and the fans would come down on me if I hurt him!”

“I thought he would be much crazier than he is. He jokes around but not like that. What I like about him is his reaction when we are not good in training. He comes to me and says: “Dante, we need to do better here.” Balotelli is not egocentric, he really cares about our progression.”


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