David Ginola remains in a coma, according to journalist who has witnessed today’s events

Late this evening, reports that nobody wanted to hear have emerged on nightly TV show L’Équipe du Soir.

It was reported earlier this evening that former Tottenham Hotspur and PSG player David Ginola has suffered a cardiac arrest in Mandelieu and had been airlifted to hospital. These initial reports were broken by Nice Matin.

Then, initially through Talksport and then through L’Équipe, Ginola’s entourage moved to downplay the seriousness of the initial claims, with the suggestion being that the Frenchman had merely suffered from heatstroke.

These reports were then supported by a Tweet that appeared on David Ginola’s official Twitter account in both English and French which moved to completely deny speculation that he had suffered anything near as serious as a cardiac arrest.

Now the hope had been that this would be the end of any worrying condition for David Ginola, until tonight’s L’Équipe du Soir programme.

During the show, phoning in, Jean Philippe Lustyk, who was by David Ginola’s side during the incident, brought some alarming details to light.

“The emergency services arrived at the scene within 15 minutes of the incident. And today we cannot know (what is going to happen). He is in a stationary state. He is in a coma. There was a cardiac arrest, he had a heart attack on the pitch. He fell in front of us. And if he has been saved, I am using the conditional tense because the situation right now is still very dramatic. Contrary to what was announced on social media, notably by his agent. At no moment was David Ginola in a good state. There was a message on Twitter: “I am fine, don’t worry.” This is absolutely not the case. Sadly, no. He remains in a stationary state. And so nobody can know anything. The emergency services have indicated that the initial response came from Olivier Girault (handball player) and Matt Pokora who were on the pitch with him… They ran towards him, first of all to prevent him from swallowing his own tongue and second of all they administered the first cardiac massages when Ginola’s pulse was not there. So during those crucial 15 minutes before the emergency services arrived, they prevented him from being dead… At the moment we absolutely cannot know David’s state.”

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