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Didier Deschamps rocked by latest Karim Benzema scandal

France boss Didier Deschamps has apparently been left shocked by the news that broke yesterday through the Libération article that revealed that a company that Karim Benzema owns 45% of is currently being investigated on money laundering and drug trafficking allegations.

Karim Benzema failed to notify either French Football Federation President Noël Le Graët or France boss Didier Deschamps at any point that two months ago he had been heard as a witness in another criminal case, with both individuals only finding out on Thursday evening.

Didier Deschamps found out to his dismay on his smartphone when he was attending a gala in Paris held by Luis Fernandez.

This latest twist in the Karim Benzema story might cause Didier Deschamps and Noël Le Graët, who were keen for the Real Madrid man to return for France, to reconsider their positions on Benzema’s international future.

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