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Eden Hazard received a €2.4m bonus in 2015 for Player of the Year

Eden Hazard received a €2.4m bonus following his obtention of the 2015 Premier League Player of the Year Award, according to French language paper Le Soir as part of a report from the Football Leaks series.

The newspaper’s write-up reads as follows:

“The first contract of Eden Hazard at Chelsea tells us little. Firstly because it dates from 2012 and has since been extended. Next because it is less detailed. We discover however that the transfer fee between Lille and Chelsea is not €40m and is instead €35m. Aside from that, it also details the star’s gross salary at Chelsea for the first years (4.71 million Euros for the first season and 5 million Euros for the second). But this salary does not represent the reality because Hazard had extended his contract by three years in February 2015 (doubling, according to certain outlets, his salary, going from €5m to €12.4m).”

“However, his first contract indicates that there was only one clause that enabled him to win a bonus and that it was quite well chosen because it stipulates that: “if he is chosen as player of the year, he will earn a bonus of €2.4m,” a title that he obtained in 2015!”

To summarise, Le Soir only appear to have obtained Eden Hazard’s first Chelsea contract but some interesting alleged observations can be made:

Lille received €35m and not €40m as a transfer fee from Chelsea.

Eden Hazard received a €2.4m bonus for becoming Player of the Year in 2015, which was incidentally the only bonus in his first Chelsea contract.


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