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Edinson Cavani confirms he is interested in the Premier League

PSG striker Edinson Cavani has confirmed in an interview with Fox Sports that he is interested in joining a Premier League side at some point during his career.

“Do I want to play in the Premier League. Honestly, I would be ironic if I said no. It is normal to think about it, it is the most wonderful league, the most important league in the world. For any player who has dreamt about the highest level, to be named as a target for these clubs, that grabs your attention.”

“But that stops there. The reality, is, today, I am a PSG player. I have always said it, I have always respected the shirt of the clubs that I play for as if I was a fan. The reality is that I am here, at PSG, that is my situation, I have a contract, I have to respect it. We will see in the future, you never know. But it is true that the Premier League is very attractive.”

Cavani also talked about Ligue 1:

“It is a very physical, very difficult league. You can think that it is easy. But last season, we really struggled to win, like the season before it. It is easy to say that Ligue 1 is easy. But I would invite the players to come here and play in it so that they can form an opinion. It is far from easy.”


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