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Eric Cantona swings a counter-punch at Didier Deschamps

Speaking in an interview with Libération, Eric Cantona has swung a counter-punch towards Didier Deschamps following the news that the French national team boss was going to sue him after Cantona claimed that Deschamps was a racist.

“It appears as if he is going to sue me. This would be the first time that he will move from a defensive position to an offensive position. With his agent and his lawyer, it should not take more than three of them to figure out what defamation actually is…”

Cantona also defended Karim Benzema:

“I would like to note that Benzema has also been the victim of over-generalisations. Like: Benzema said that Deschamps is a racist. With that, we can ignore all other questions… Aside from that it is clear to me that by suspending Benzema, you are taking away a little joy from me, which is why I am asking questions.”

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