Florian Thauvin: “I am ready.”

Speaking to Marseille’s official website, Marseille’s latest signing Florian Thauvin confirmed that he was ready to get back into action as soon as possible.

Thauvin had the following to say:

“I am very happy to come back to my friends in a squad that I know quite well, even if there have been some changes. I met the coach, everything went well. He asked me how I was, if I felt good and if I felt ready to start the new adventure. I told him that I was ready and that I could not wait to start.”

On his time at Newcastle, has he changed?

“Yes of course. It was a new experience, I learnt new things. It gave me a bit of time to think about what I had been through here. And to better analyse what I had done with Marseille. It was good for me to be able to think about that more clearly. I think that this experience allowed me to learn a lot.”

On Marseille’s current season:

“It is a season where we don’t really know where we are. But I think that there are excellent players in this team, with a super atmosphere, everyone gets on well with each other, laughs with each other. A warm atmosphere. And I am confident for the future.”

On Marseille’s home form:

“It is certainly worrying. I would have liked it to go differently in the first 6 months. The Velodrome is our garden and we all need to push on. But I am confident. There are a lot of young players in the team. Thankfully there are some players with experience. We know the Velodrome, it is not always the easiest place to play, especially for young players. I am here with a desire to do as much as possible. I want bring the maximum to this team, I know I only have 6 months. I am delighted to be here. I am ready to give my all.”

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